A feature-length film was edited from the series in 1979 by Zuiyo (which by then was a separate entity from Nippon Animation, which employed many of the TV series' animation staff). All cast were replaced excluding Heidi and the grandfather. This movie is also the only incarnation of the Heidi anime to have been released commercially in the United States in English (on home video in the 1980s). Isao Takahata remarked "Neither Hayao Miyazaki nor I are completely related to any shortening version" on this work.Template:Citation needed


Japanese castEdit

  • Kazuko Sugiyama as Heidi (ハイジ Haiji)
  • Kohei Miyauchi as Alm-Ohi (アルムおんじ Arumu onji)
  • Hiroko Maruyama as Peter (ペーター Pētā) (film version)
  • Keiko Han as Clara Sesemann (クララ・ゼーゼマン Kurara Zēzeman) (film version)
  • Hisako Kyouda as Miss Rottenmeier (ロッテンマイヤー Rottenmaiyā) (film version)
  • Taimei Suzuki as Mr. Sesemann(ゼーゼマン Zēzeman)

English dubEdit